Click here to watch supaglass in action

Click here to watch supaglass in action


A thief is thwarted by SupaGlass.


To exit the car after an accident,a SupaGlass protected window can be pushed out from the inside


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Pentagon SupaGlass


SupaGlass is an optically-clear, high-technology laminate. When retrofitted to the inner surface of a glass pane, the glass becomes highly resistant to common forms of smash and grab, bomb blasts and projectiles. SupaGlass creates an invisible protective layer between passengers and the risk of broken glass.

According to Thatcham, SupaGlass significantly improves the resistance of toughened glass to common methods of attack.

Window without SupaGlass smashed by steel ball

Standard car window breaking on impact from steel ball

car window with SupaGlass withstanding impact from steel ball

SupaGlass car window withstanding impact from steel ball

Automative Filming
With car theft on the increase the application of Automotive Safety/Security Window Film offers valuable and real protection.

  • Enhance the safety and security of vehicle glass
  • Broken glass within a vehicle is a major cause of eye and facial injury
  • One in four motorists have their car broken into with a car being broken into every 13 seconds
  • Solar protection for reduced glare and heat with increased comfort and safety

Crime Shield Security
Unobtrusive protection preventing access to windows, significantly reducing potential forced entry and particularly appropriate for industrial type properties or anywhere intruders may have concealed and uninterrupted access to external windows.


1.   What is SupaGlass?
SupaGlass is a very strong polyester laminate that is professionally bonded to the inside face of a car/van’s side-windows.  It is optically clear and practically invisible once fitted.  It is designed to hold glass fragments together when a window is broken and hence provide significant safety and security benefits, protecting occupants in the event of an accident whilst helping to resist thieves and car-jackers.

2.   What happens when a window is broken?
Normally when a window is broken, the inside of the vehicle will be showered with glass particles.  Although these “toughened glass” particles are designed to be much safer than normal glass, which is why it is often referred to as safety glass, occupants within a vehicle can still be covered in glass pieces.  Glass fragments can in some circumstances be breathed in or can get into eyes, causing severe discomfort or injury.  In the event that a thief is attacking a vehicle, the easiest way into a car/van nowadays is to shatter a side glass.  Apart from having access to valuables, the mess that the glass makes once broken is well known and highly inconvenient.

3.   What additional safety does SupaGlass offer?
SupaGlass is designed to make driving safer.  In the event of a serious accident or side impact, SupaGlass will help to retain all of the glass fragments of a shattered window in one sheet (SupaGlass is applied to side windows only) and prevent occupants from be covered in glass particles with the potential to cause injury.  In the event of attack by a car/van-jacker, SupaGlass also helps to protect occupants from harm.  During a roll-over incident, SupaGlass is designed to help keep occupants inside the vehicle, even when the glass shatters.

4.   What security does SupaGlass offer?
When a thief wants to break into a parked car/van, the fastest and easiest way in is through a side window.  SupaGlass is designed to resist thieves by holding the glass firmly in place even when it is shattered and making it much more difficult to break through.  Given time and perseverance, a thief may eventually get through however, most thieves want to be in and out of a vehicle in seconds to avoid being seen or caught. In the event of a car/van-jacking, SupaGlass is highly effective.  Where a car/van-jacker attempts to break through a side glass, SupaGlass is designed to stop him dead in most cases, protecting the occupants from harm and safeguarding their valuables.

5.   How is SupaGlass fitted?
SupaGlass has to be professionally fitted in order to ensure performance and quality of finish.  This means that the vehicle has to be sent to a Pentagon Workshop for professional technicians to work on the vehicle, in environmentally controlled conditions.  SupaGlass is fitted only to the side windows of a car/van, not the front screen or the rear screen. 

Where tinted SupaGlass is ordered, a matching tint film is applied to the rear screen  [ It is not possible to apply SupaGlass to the rear screen due to the curvature of the glass – for any customer that expresses concern about this, it should be noted that in most cases, thieves break in through a side window of a car and rarely the back screen ]. 

All drop glasses are removed from the car to have SupaGlass fitted right to the edges of the glass for maximum performance.  SupaGlass fitted to fixed glasses such as quarter glasses or cargo windows is further “anchored” with a high strength adhesive bond.

6.   How much does SupaGlass cost?
The cost of fitting SupaGlass depends largely on the type of vehicle and the time it takes.  Prices vary on models from £295 (Inc VAT) in clear SupaGlass for a TT Coupe and £1,052 (Inc VAT) in clear SupaGlass for a Bentley GT Continental.  Tinted SupaGlass costs more since a matching rear screen tint film is also applied.  In addition to these costs, there may be a transport cost associated with moving the vehicle to and from the Pentagon Workshops.  This is down to the dealer to charge on to the customer accordingly.

7.   How long does SupaGlass take to fit?
It normally takes 48 hours to fit SupaGlass including drying, quality checking and any refitting that may be required as part of the quality process.  On top of this will be the time to transport the vehicle to the Pentagon workshops.

8.  Is it Bullet proof?
Although it is believed that SupaGlass does provide some additional resistance to projectiles in certain circumstances, we make no claims whatsoever about ballistic performance of the product.

9.  Does SupaGlass protect against heat, glare and UV’s?
Clear SupaGlass like tinted SupaGlass will virtually eliminate UV rays which will help to protect occupants as well as the interior of the car.  Tinted SupaGlass (fitted to the rear of the B-Post) is an excellent way to reduce heat and glare affecting children, passengers and pets seated in the rear of the vehicle.  Tinted SupaGlass will also help to reduce heat in the car overall by reflecting solar rays.  This assists driver comfort and thereby driving safety.

10.  What warranty does SupaGlass have?
SupaGlass is fully warranted for three years from the date of fitment to a vehicle and registration (Warranty Card).  This warranty covers peeling, cracking, delamination, or demetalisation of the film through normal wear and tear.  Needless to say, SupaGlass is not warranted to cover damage to or any loss from a vehicle in the event of accident or theft.

11. Will I be trapped in the vehicle by SupaGlass?
It is always very difficult for an individual to break a window from inside of a car/van unless they have a tool such as a glass-break hammer.  Using such tools, it is relatively easy to break a window that has been treated with SupaGlass from inside of the car.  In the event that a side glass treated with SupaGlass is shattered during an accident, it is relatively straightforward to push the window out from inside the vehicle.  This is because the SupaGlass film is applied to the inside face of the glass – when shattered, pressure on the glass from outside of the vehicle compresses the fractured glass particles whereas pushing out from inside you are separating the particles.  The emergency services are not limited either by SupaGlass – in the event of an accident, SupaGlass reduces injury from flying glass whilst the Fire and Ambulance Services know exactly how to access occupants in a vehicle without being hindered by windows treated with SupaGlass.

12.  Does SupaGlass scratch or mark and what care do I take?
SupaGlass has a very tough scratch resistant coating which enables it to withstand normal wear and tear for many years to come.  Needless to say however, care is needed (as is the case with normal glass) to ensure that sharp objects or those capable of marking glass such as diamond rings, seat belt buckles etc to not collide with the glass.  Cleaning can be done using non-abrasive and non-caustic materials in a similar way to cleaning glass.  Warm soapy water is the best way to clean glass and SupaGlass whilst drying of with a clean cotton towel.  For further information, please refer to the Warranty Card.

13.  Which windows are treated?
SupaGlass is normally applied to all of the side windows in a car/van.  It is not possible to apply SupaGlass to rear screens due to the curvature of the glass and it is not necessary to apply SupaGlass to the front screen  [ Front screens are laminated and therefore it is not necessary to apply SupaGlass ].

Under the Clear SupaGlass option, all side windows are treated with Clear (untinted) SupaGlass.  Under the Tinted SupaGlass option, the driver and front passenger windows are treated with Clear SupaGlass whilst the remaining side windows to the rear of the B-Post are treated with a lightly tinted version of SupaGlass.  The rear screens are then also treated with a matching tint film so that the whole of the rear section of the car has the same level of light tint.

14.  Why is Tinted SupaGlass more expensive than Clear?
Under the Tinted SupaGlass option, the film laminated to the side glasses rear of the B-Post is tinted and, the rear screen of a vehicle is treated with a matching tint film.  Under the Clear SupaGlass option, the rear screen is not treated at all.

15.  What is the difference between Clear and Tinted SupaGlass?
Clear SupaGlass is virtually invisible and is applied for those that are interested purely in protection in the event of an accident or break in.  The Tinted SupaGlass provides Clear SupaGlass to the Driver and Front Passenger windows and Tinted SupaGlass to the remaining side windows rear of the B-Post (and a tint film – not SupaGlass – applied to the rear screen to match the Tinted SupaGlass).  There are numerous benefits that Tinted SupaGlass provides as can be read from the SupaGlass marketing materials.

16.  Can I have Tinted SupaGlass on the front windows?
Under new regulations (1986 Road Traffic Act Construction and Use Regulations as amended in January 2004) it is not possible to have Tinted SupaGlass or any type of tints films applied to the windows forward of the B-Post where they are capable of reducing the Visible Light Transmission level of these windows to below 70%.  This ensures clear vision of the road at all times when looking through windows within the Primary Vision Zone ie; those that provide forward and sideways view of the road.  They also provide unrestricted vision when referring to external mirrors.  Windows rear of the B-Post may be tinted however.  Under the Tinted SupaGlass option, windows rear of the B-Post including the rear screen are tinted to a level that is considered safe for road use at all times given that these windows are not within the Primary Vision Zone.

17.  What accreditations does SupaGlass have?
Pentagon SupaGlass is an award-winning product. It has won numerous accolades in recent years including being “highly commended” in the Security Products section of the prestigious What Car’s? Car of the Year Awards in 2004. SupaGlass also has a Thatcham Q-Listing and meets a range of British Standards including BS Au 209 part 4a (vehicle intrusion). SupaGlass is employed regularly on Police Vehicles, Fire Tenders and other public service vehicles. SupaGlass already protects many of the most important VIP’s in the UK and overseas.

Some customers may ask whether having a Thatcham Q-Listing will help to lower their insurance premium. Owing to the very competitive nature at this time within the auto-insurance market, very few companies are providing additional discounts currently. It is therefore unlikely that they will get a further discount through virtue of being Q-Listed, in the same way as the may have done a few years ago.

18. What vehicles can SupaGlass be fitted to?
SupaGlass can be fitted to all VWG vehicles across the range.  Some take far longer to treat than others and this is reflected in the range of prices.  When fitted to convertible vehicles with frameless windows, SupaGlass will still provide a high level of initial protection in the event of a break-in or car/van-jacking whilst still providing substantial safety benefits in the event of a serious accident or side impact and of course, a roll-over incident.

19. What is Ejection Mitigation?
According to recent figures published in the USA by the National Highway Traffic Survey Administration, 30% of fatal accidents involve total or partial ejection from a vehicle of one or more occupants.  50% of all ejections (normally during a roll-over incident) are through the front side windows.  Ejection Mitigation is a measure of the ability of a vehicle to resist occupants from being thrown from a vehicle during a serious accident or roll-over incident.  SupaGlass in combination with toughened glass is designed to hold shattered glass together in one piece and thereby to resist the possibility of ejection.  When fitted to a vehicle, SupaGlass therefore helps to reduce substantially the risks of injury or fatality that are associated with ejection during a serious accident and / or roll-over.

20.  Can I or anyone else tell if SupaGlass is fitted?
There are tell-tale signs to the expert eye but in most cases, due to the quality of fitment, it is not easy to tell at first sight that SupaGlass has been fitted.  Stickers are not used to tell a thief that SupaGlass is fitted either since they would need to be large and unsightly to ensure that a thief will notice (especially at night).  SupaGlass works best as a “covert” product that helps to resist opportunist thieves when they do attack.  Pre-warning thieves about security measures can also assist them to understand the best way to break into a car.

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