Why our customers choose Pentagon Glass Tech:

  • Improves appearance - Pentagon's professional finish looks superb
  • Optically clear - as clear as the original glass
  • Reduces glare - cuts down dazzle from the sun and lights at night
  • Reduces heat - Keeps your vehicle cooler on sunny days
  • Protects against UV rays - protects you and your passengers
  • Increases privacy - ideal for women driving alone at night
  • Improves security - difficult for thieves to look into your car at night
  • Lifetime Guarantee - only with a Pentagon professional application

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SupaGlass Safety & Security Window Tints

Pentagon Auto-Tints complement the existing hue of automotive glass to produce a richer, more distinctive appearance, dramatically enhancing the look and privacy of any type of vehicle.

The Pentagon system of tinting is so professional that it is almost impossible to distinguish between a Pentagon finish and the original glass. This sets Pentagon apart from inferior tint methods.

At Pentagon, we specialise in tinting the glass of prestige cars, 4 x 4s and MPVs. Our thousands of delighted clients include royalty, politicians, diplomats, celebrities and executives.

We are also the leading automotive window tinters to leading major European motor retailers and manufacturers (OEMs) including Audi, VW, Bentley & Mercedes-Benz.

Pentagon Auto-Tint Shades:

Pentagon are the world's leading window-tinting professionals.

Our success is due to our proprietary systems, commitment to quality and impeccable service. The quality of our finishes are now internationally recognised to be the finest available anywhere.

Our service centres are purpose-built, fully-equipped facilities with a dust-free environment, essential for the quality of a Pentagon finish.

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