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Government Advice

"Improve vehicle perimeter security [door locks and glazing]."

That is the recommendation of the Government's Vehicle Crime Reduction Action Team to help cut car crime. After all, 49% of thefts from vehicles are achieved by breaking vehicle windows, according to the British Crime Survey. SupaGlass will enhance your vehicle's security by reinforcing its glazing and can be applied to existing as well as new vehicles.


How Does SupaGlass Work?
SupaGlass has been especially designed to resist vehicle invasion
and maintain glazing integrity in the face of violent impact. Because of its strength, it increases the resistance of even toughened glass to breakage.

When the impact on the window is particularly violent, the glass might eventually break, but SupaGlass holds the glass firmly in place, and the window's integrity remains intact.

This results in significantly more effective resistance to forced entry through broken glass by a thief or car-jacker.


8 more steps you can take to reduce vehicle crime
Over half of car crime is opportunistic and many criminals
can be outsmarted by taking these simple steps:
  • Fit an immobiliser: This can be electronic or mechanical (like a steering wheel lock).
  • Fit deadlocks: Sometimes called double-locking. Ideally, you should have a central locking system.
  • Get your vehicle registration number etched onto all glass surfaces: including side windows and headlamps, or do the same with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Fit a removable stereo: or one with a removable face.
  • Ensure all posessions are clearly marked: to helprecovery if stolen.
  • Don't leave anything on display: even an old coat is an invitation for the opportunist thief.
  • Fit locking wheel nuts: to stop you losing those valuable wheels.
  • Fit a vehicle tracking system like NavTrak®: these can help to quickly retrieve your car if stolen.


A Comfortable Drive
Being stared at:
Nobody likes being stared at, particularly
if you are in a quality vehicle, are well known or anxious about your potential vulnerability if alone.

Pentagon SOLAR PROTECTION products are very effective at reducing the conspicuousness of a person inside a vehicle (without hiding them altogether) and therefore protect you from prying eyes.

Many people have some form of photosensitive condition, whether serious or just light sensitivity. This makes it difficult for them to enjoy the simple pleasures of a day out.

Pentagon SOLAR PROTECTION products virtually eliminate the UV light transmitted through normal vehicle glass, making it much more comfortable for sensitive people to get out and about in their car.


A Safer Drive
Reduced glare:
Bright light, from the sun, reflections off water, or simply headlights from other cars in front or behind at night cause the eye pupil size to reduce. Pupil size reduction naturally reduces the effectiveness of forward vision.

Pentagon SOLAR PROTECTION products are especially effective at reducing two thirds of the glare transmitted through normal glass, and therefore enhance driving safety and comfort.

Reduced heat:
Higher temperatures can reduce driving safety. Tests have shown
that drivers of warmer cars have a slower response rate than drivers in cooler cars increasing the risk of potential accident.

Pentagon SOLAR PROTECTION products are heat reflective. Even our lighter products can reflect more than half the solar energy transmitted through normal glass.


SupaGlass: technical specifications and performance measures

  • Thickness: 300 microns
  • ASTM 882 Tensile Strength: 15846 PSI
  • ASTM D1004 Graves Tear Test: 192 Newtons
  • ASTM D4830 Puncture Test: 212 Pounds Force
  • ASTM 2582 Puncture Propogation: 60 Newtons
  • pr EN 12600 (Class A) for Impact and Bomb Blast Performance
  • Thatcham Vehicle Security Q Listing

Clear SupaGlass:

  • Visible Light Transmission 84.2%
  • Ultra Violet Light Rejected > 95%
  • Glare Reduction 4.4 %
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 22.6%

Light Smoke SupaGlass:

  • Visible Light Transmission 47.4%
  • Ultra Violet Light Rejected >95%
  • Glare Reduction 46.2 %
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 40.8%

Smoke SupaGlass:

  • Visible Light Transmission 38.9%
  • Ultra Violet Light Rejected >95%
  • Glare Reduction 60%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 44.3%


Vehicle Crime

  • The UK's most common offence - 24% of all recorded crime.
  • A car is broken into every 13 seconds.
  • One in four motorists get their car broken into.
  • 64% of vehicle offenses are thefts from vehicles - Half of these thefts are through a broken window.
  • Main items stolen: personal (49%), stereos (44%), tools (9%).
  • Car break-ins are mainly opportunistic in nature.
  • Half (51%) of attacks happen in the street, 31% in car parks.
  • About 75% of incidents are reported to police.

Sources: 1998 British Crime Survey; Home Office; AA Survey; Norwich Union Parking Perils Study; Autoglass 1999 Client Survey.


Vehicle Safety

  • Side Impact Accidents are the most common cause of flying glass fragments.
  • 30,000 car accidents per year are side impact collisions.
  • 40% of multiple vehicle accidents are side impacts.
  • Broken window glass is a major cause of eye and facial injury.
  • Today, car safety features include:
    • Seatbelts
    • Padded dashboards
    • Collapsible Steering Columns
    • Front/Side Airbags

But what about the window glass, just inches from you and your passengers' face and eyes?

SupaGlass creates a safer environment in your vehicle. You are better protected from shards of glass.


Pentagon SupaGlass: protects you and your
passengers from the hazards of broken glass.

In some accidents, glass can literally implode towards a car's occupants, a major cause of ocular and facial injury. Not with SupaGlass.

SupaGlass is designed to protect you and your passengers from flying window glass fragments, dramatically reducing the probability of nasty injury.

Important: Should you need to exit through the car glass after an accident, SupaGlass windows are designed to allow a shattered window to be safely pushed out from inside the vehicle.


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